You know what really bothers me?

Celebrity websites.

They suck, and they absolutely shouldn’t.

justin bieber website

For one, many feature homepage sliders, as if no one has updated the site since the 90s.

Others blast music before the site even loads, as if people want audio to autoplay on websites.

Some, like The Weeknds, do this annoying interactive scrolly thing.


the weeknd website

And others are just basically blank. I’m looking at you, Drake.


drake website

Worst of all, none of them offer a cohesive experience for the user. You are forced to go to one website to order uncool merch, then another site to order tour tickets and then, tabloids to get the latest scoop.

My thinking is celebs must assume they don’t really need websites, since they have YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and Twitter, and I think that’s a massive missed opportunity, which is why I reached out to Demi Lovato’s manager to redesign her website.

Of course, he never returned my emails, so since I already invested so much time building a mock site and proposal, I figured I could at least share my concept redesign to see what everyone else thinks about it.

This is Demi Lovato’s current website.


demi lovato website

Here are my problems with it.

It’s totally cluttered. The site has zero priorities. It’s just trying to cram everything together, with no clear order or flow of information.

It’s visually unappealing.

It links out to weirdo landing pages. When you click on the “Out Now” button in the hero slider, it links to another site that looks terrible.


demi lovato website

Which will lead you to another site to purchase the song. If that’s not friction, I don’t know what is.

Her “News” tab is a total PR center.


demi lovato news

This is not the kind-of news her audience wants. Something more personal would be 1000x better.

Her tour page has way too many CTAs. What’s the difference between VIP and RSVP? I’m assuming the ticket icon is for tickets.


demi lovato tour

If you visit this page, don’t click the “VIP” or “Buy” buttons because it redirects you to Facebook (super annoying!), which is not what a user expects either of those buttons to do.

Her bio page feels very impersonal. It should be more like a formal about page.


demi lovato about

The music page is awkward and kind-of useless.


demi lovato music

I also don’t think people are visiting Demi’s site to listen to music. They’re going directly to Spotify, iTunes and/or YouTube to do that.

Why is there a login? As a user, I have zero information about what’s going to happen if I register.


demi lovato login

And don’t even get me started with the store.

The store features a weird dropdown menu with two labels: “New Album Bundles” and “Merch.”


demi lovato website

“New Album Bundle” takes me to her “shop,” which looks totally different than her website, and it doesn’t even take me directly to a landing page for an album bundle.

demi lovato merch

“Merch” takes me to a totally different website — FanFire — where I guess she hosts her merch.

demi lovato merch

Would you buy any of the above? I wouldn’t, and I really like Demi Lovato.

I’m not doing this to be a Debbie Downer or mean.

I’m doing this because I think Demi is freakin’ legit, and it kills me that her website experience is so not. Not to mention, I HATE massive missed opportunities, and I think this is the epitome of a massive missed opportunity.

Here are the three massive opportunities I see for Demi Lovato… and all celebrities for that matter.

Like what I’ve done. I’m available for one website project starting immediately. Learn more here.

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